Thu. May 16th, 2024

Many businesses are now into automation of their processes and productivity records. Their reason is, of course, one that benefits both the company, its employees, and its clients. With digitization being a new norm, opportunities and capabilities in growing a business were made available. Better data analysis, improved streamlined operations, and increased digital presence are things that many companies are now content about.

However, these advances also pose a threat—cybersecurity. In 2021, a record shows an all-time high of 900 weekly cyber-attacks was aimed per organization during the fourth quarter of the year. And this called for the attention of company leaders to implement strong authentication critical in protecting their resources. Some invested through eKYC or Know Your Customer verification programsto prevent hacks from happening.

Read on as we share other ways to prevent cyberattacks on your organization.

Security-Focused Workplace Culture

Educating employees about security measures in the company plays well in avoiding cyber-attacks. They should be able to know how to identify secured from unsecured networks to protect their devices from being accessed by potential cybercriminals.

Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus Programs

After briefing employees about their role in cultivating a safe workplace, companies must reinforce security by using anti-malware and anti-virussoftware. These programs alert employees of websites and files that are suspicious, harmful, and threaten the firm.

Digital Identity Verification

With hybrid work setup on the rise, businesses were more exposed to risks. Employees who use personal devices for work may give way to unauthorized people access to documents only meant for the company. For this reason, KYC authentication and the use of passwordless authentication are encouraged. These digital ways to verify users are certified solutions that create strong defenses against hackers.

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