Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Just like how salt is a very essential ingredient in a meal, serial numbers are vital when you store the data. Their presence may not be felt, but their absence makes all the difference. In this article, we will examine how to add the serial number to your data. Here are some of the simple steps to do so. Do check out Lio App

Row numbers that act as serial numbers. The row headers can be used for filtering the data or other purposes.

The fill series can be used to automatically generate the serial numbers in rows. The fill series can even be used to generate serial numbers with columns. First, keep the pointer on the cell from where the serial numbers should begin. Insert 1 in it and go to the home tab, select editing, fill, and series. You will notice a series window being opened. Fill in the details like select columns (from various options) in series In, In the ‘Step Value’ box type 1, enter a number in the ‘Stop Value’ box, and click on OK.

The Roman numbers can also be added as serial numbers by using the Roman function in Row. You need to type the formula in the cell from where the serial number should begin. The formula must always begin with an = sign.   =ROMAN(ROW()) and then drag the formula down to where you want the number.

Adding the serial date in a column can also be done. There are two ways to do so. The first method adds the starting date, in the next cell downward refer to the above cell and just add 1, the dates are stored as numbers in Excel and every date has a unique number. Therefore when 1 is added to the date, the next date will follow in the result. You can also make use of another method where you enter the starting date in one cell from where you want the date and make use of the fill handle to extend the result.

The fill handle can also be used to add serial numbers. For example, type 1 in a cell from where you want to begin the serial number and type 2 in the next cell. Then select both cells and drag it down using a fill handle till where you want the serial numbers to appear and then release the mouse button at the last cell. This is how you can add serial numbers in excel by using whichever method you want to. As you keep practicing these methods, you will quickly get familiarized with them. Hope you found this article a helpful guide for adding serial numbers in an Excel spreadsheet.