Thu. May 16th, 2024

A mobile archiver solution is a vital business tool. It is widely used by businesses who want to organize, capture, archive, and store all the organization’s communication. With the current state of mobile compliance and audits, businesses now see the need to secure sensitive data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Failure to do so can put businesses at risk with the eyes of regulatory bodies and create opportunity for cybercriminals to attack your network. This vulnerability is not only limited to businesses but can also be applied in the government and public agencies.

However, most states still struggle to meet the compliance requirements of their open record laws. This is because many agencies still use manual systems to input their records and convert them into reviewable materials. This isn’t practical anymore since most government employees use their mobile phones to call and send messages.  

By having a well-designed archiving solution tailored for an organization’s particular needs like an WhatsApp archiver if an organization uses WhatsApp for communication is deemed significant or a network archiver for whatever network they use for the mobile phones they assign their employees, .By planning to record mobile SMS and capture mobile chats, employees can have the freedom to work without risking what they have on their mobile phones.

Agencies like government organizations must comply with certain rules like sunshine archiving laws to monitor public information.These laws stipulate that all can access public information and that government transparency will be seen; this means that all public records will be preserved, regardless of physical form. Complying with the public records archiving laws is necessary since this can help public sector keep up with public records archiving requirements.

Luckily, there is amobile archiving solution that organizationscan utilize to save time from capturing, preserving, and classifying information in the archive, according to the messaging solutions they use.Both businesses and public agencies should adhere to the requirements set by their respectiveregulatory bodies. They must ensure that they can effectively capture mobile content and using a mobile archiving solution that fits their needs will allow them to achieve regulatory compliance. Using a robust mobile archiver effectively allows them to use their archiver as a proof of compliance or POC.

For more information on determining the success of a mobile archiver as a proof of compliance, you can continue reading this infographic from TeleMessage.