Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Cisco is an American-based multinational company whose headquarter is in San Jose, California mainly develops, sells & manufactures networking hardware & software, telecommunication equipment and other technological services and products. One of the company’s best-selling products is the Cisco RV325 dual gigabit WAN VPN router. It is one of those routers that can easily transmit more data quickly according to its usage or where it is necessary.

Specifications of Cisco Router RV325

  • It has dual gigabit ethernet WAN ports for load balancing and running a smooth business; it has a built-in 14-port gigabit ethernet switch for better reliability.
  • Accompanied with dual USB 2.0 ports using 3G and 4G modems for broadband failover, it connects to multiple locations and remote workers using a VPN.
  • It can manage large files and different users simultaneously to keep the employees productive.
  • WAN Connectivity- It has Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, which automatically provides an internet protocol with IP address and other necessary configurations; it also has Point to Point Protocol over ethernet, which allows users to connect with a network of hosts.
  • RV325 is protected by an SPI firewall, a router firewall that protects the internet connection from internet trafficking, denial of service kind of attacks, and hacker attack.
  • Having One-to-One NAT, port address translation and NAT traversal makes the router reliable and secured enough, which permits multiple devices on a LAN to be mapped to a single IP address behind a firewall configuration.
  • The DMZ of the router helps to separate local area network from untrusted networks, which can breach the security and makes it difficult for the attackers to access the internal network.
  • It also provides 10 SSL VPN tunnels for remote client access and also 10 PPTP tunnels for remote access, and 40,000 concurrent connections which can be opened across your channel account.
  • The router needs a 12V 2A power supply to run efficiently and has a dimension of 9.6″(W)x 7″(H) x 1.8″(D), making it compact enough to be fitted anywhere.


As Cisco RV325 is so efficient and reliable, it has become very much useful for different sectors; it is the perfect combination of performance and security, making it one of the market’s best routers at an affordable price and proper after-sale service and assistance. Nowadays, using VPN routers has become a necessity, and having a VPN router is very beneficial for businesses. Cisco router RV325 is one of those routers that can easily transmit more data between offices and even faster.