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Differences between WEBP and PNG images

Before finding a way to convert WEBP to PNG file, you need to check these parameters, after all, it can help you in the decision help whether you need how to convert these files and which one is more suitable for what purpose. 

WEBP File Format Properties

Introduced by Google, WEBP uses a prediction algorithm that creates an image based on the surrounding blocks. This allows for higher image quality, although the file size is smaller.

Characteristics of the PNG file format

Portable Network Graphics has been an international standard since 1996. It is widely used to create line art, illustration, comic, logo, etc. etc.


WEBP files use lossless and lossy compression. Although the PNG image has lossless compression, it also has other disadvantages. This means you can save the PNG file again without affecting the image quality.

File Size

Because WEBP files maintain excellent image quality at significantly smaller file sizes, it’s no wonder they’re growing in popularity. The exact comparison between WEBP and PNG is that WEBP files are 26% smaller than PNG. 


WEBP files can contain EXIF ​​​​​​​​and XMP metadata. Unlike PNG which does not support EXIF ​​data from most cameras. However, if you use GIMP to convert WEBP to PNG, there is an option to save this data after conversion. 


PNG does not support animation. Considering what we mentioned, it seems that WEBP files are more versatile than PNG. However, using WEBP files has at least one disadvantage, which is their compatibility with image processing applications and various online platforms.

How to open the WEBP file?

WEBP files are a slightly newer creation and as such are not as compatible as PNG images. However, more and more websites are using this format to speed up loading. Time. Although there are efforts to implement native support in many imaging applications for the WEBP format, world-renowned software such as Adobe Photoshop still does not support this format.

How do I open a PNG file?

Since PNG photos have been available on most operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, etc. for some time, they are natively supported. There is probably an application on these platforms that can easily open PNG files without the need for third parties. software.

How to convert WEBP to PNG online for free?

If you want to avoid installing new software and want to convert WEBP to PNG or any other format you want, you can use webp to png as a free online tool, this converter has many premium ones -Options you can access for
for free.

You can convert multiple files at once, and large files are no problem. All this and more options will follow 

Since you can change any file format to your liking with this converter, there will be no more problems. The conversion process is very simple and only takes a few steps.

Step 1

Add WEBP files for conversion by dragging and dropping them to a specified area on  website.

Step 2

Make sure you have the right output format and click Click the “Start Conversion” button.

Step 3

After a few moments downloading The Link with the converted files will appear in the same window.


We have provided you with at least three ways to convert WEBP to PNG format. Adobe Photoshop is available as a paid option. Since there is no native support for WEBP in Photoshop, converting these files is a little tricky. However, there is a simple solution you can use.

Free Image Processing Software GIMP is a free application for easily opening and converting WEBP files. If you don’t want to install new software on your device, there is an even easier solution. 

A free online format converter like WEBP to PNG not only supports WEBP format but can also convert this format to any image file you want. Now you can proceed to convert WEBP files to PNG.